Dangerous Prescription Drugs and/or Devices

Litigation against some of the world’s largest drug makers and manufacturers of dietary supplements has been a major area of SSEM’s practice. Howard Specter and John Evans have held leadership positions and represented hundreds of people in prosecution of many of the recent mass pharmaceutical cases, including the contaminated Heparin litigation, Baycol® litigation, silicone breast implant litigation, and Gammagard® IVIG litigation. The firm’s representation of people injured by dangerous drugs and devices has been both as individuals and as a part of a class action, depending upon the degree of injury and the type of case.

Pharmaceutical lawsuits level the playing field between large drug companies and a consumer. Prescription drugs and/or medical devices have become safer due to pharmaceutical litigation. While we would like to think that untested drugs in the marketplace are a thing of the past, new injuries are reported every day from prescription drugs and medical devices.

A prescription drug can be defective in the way that it is produced or by a failure to warn consumers of the risks associated with use of the drug. Manufacturers simply cannot cut corners of product quality or seek out raw materials from overseas just because the cost is less. Purity of the product is not a goal – it’s the base standard.

Pharmaceutical Liability

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