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SSEM enjoys a reputation in the legal community as one of the area’s premiere personal injury law firms. Since the firm first opened its doors in 1983, we have represented thousands who were injured or killed in automobile accidents, by defective products or by medical malpractice.

Automobile Collisions. While our roads are safer now than they have ever been, tens of thousands of people are killed or crippled each year as a result of carelessness of other drivers. If you are injured in an automobile collision, you should contact your insurance company first and then contact us. The insurance company for the at-fault party will begin taking witness statements almost immediately after it is notified of the collision and the fact that someone was injured. Often these statements are taken with a bias to minimize their insured driver’s liability and thereby reduce the insurance company’s exposure. Witnesses often don’t recognize the “spin” that the insurance company investigator puts on their words as recorded in their statement and simply sign the document that is put in front of them.

It is important that attorneys and investigators get to witnesses as soon as possible so that interviews and accurate statements can be collected. To do this, you must contact an attorney as soon as reasonably possible after the collision.

In order to take care of your case you must take care of yourself. If your doctor has told you not to return to work until a certain date, follow that advice. Returning to work before you are able sends a message that you have fully recovered when the opposite is true. Your recovery will likely be slowed by trying to do too much too soon.

When you have a doctor’s appointment or physical therapy, keep the appointment. Each time that you cancel an appointment or are simply a “no show,” the office notes are so annotated. Six months or a year later during trial or at depositions, the clear message is that either you were not hurt or you have recovered sufficiently so that the appointments were not necessary.

In most circumstances, your employer is not required to hold your job. Some exceptions exist. It is therefore important that you keep your employer aware of your condition. Your employer will also have to verify your earnings and the amount of work you missed. Keeping your employer on your side is helpful.

This short summary does not begin to answer all of the questions that will arise. You should contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys or another attorney. We have litigated on behalf of thousands of people who were injured in automobile collisions. We have obtained sizeable verdicts and settlements on their behalf which demonstrates that we know what we are doing and we work for our clients’ needs.

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